Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Colors

On Saturday morning, Dave and I filled our Starbucks travel mugs with fresh coffee and headed North through Monroe and over Steven's pass to check out the scenery. Of course, we did stop for Chuck's donuts after gassing up! Here are a few photos that we took. We neglected to stop often enough to capture the purples and reds, but it was a beautiful day for a ride.

When we got to Leavenworth, we drove around for several minutes looking for a parking place and I finally said, "let's just go, there is nothing I need to shop for anyway!" They did have a craft fair going on and I would have liked to check that out, but we've been there many times and neither of us felt like we would be missing anything if we didn't stay. Besides.....German food is not our favorite. And really, what can you do in Leavenworth except eat and shop!?
I don't remember exactly where we saw this rock formation, but I thought it looked like either a gopher or a pig head. What do you see?

We spent a good amount of time in Wenatchee, enjoying the antique stores and then drove over the river to East Wenatchee. By then we were getting quite hungry, sugar low after those donuts, and didn't want to drive back over the river to the restaurant we had selected there, so when we saw an Olive Garden, we made a quick right turn and had a wonderful linner, or dunch....well a big mean anyway between lunch and dinner. Yum yum. If you haven't had their Chicken Parmigiana, try it. I like theirs better than any I've had at other restaurants.

We were definitely tired by the time we got home, but are glad we went. It is easy for me to just take for granted our spectacular scenery as I drive here and there, but thankfully I am married to a man who is still in awe of all that the Lord has created! For the past many years I have taken my knitting or crocheting with me and I am often interrupted by his comments to "Look at THAT!" as we pass something truly incredible. And for the most part, I don't mind the interruptions. I love that man!!

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Shar said...

I see a pig looking up. oink.
Nice shots.