Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ten on Ten for February

Lunch for Lynda's birthday (far right) with Dorene & Sharron

My new purple purse.....LOVE IT!

Walked through the yard looking at new growth on Hellebores
Pesky Moles!! Dave caught one yesterday. A BIG one!
The deer love to eat the red twig dogwood. Would love to alternate the red twig with some yellow twig dogwood (Cornus sericea 'Flaviramea.) It would be gorgemundous, but the deer would just have more to eat!

Holly trees are a noxious weed! The seeds are carried and 'dropped' by the birds and we have loads of these that we have to pull out every spring/summer. English holly is OK, but there is an ongoing controversy with holly growers over whether holly trees should be considered invasive and if commercial growers can get an exemption from laws prohibiting this species. Glad I don't have that to deal with!

Beautiful sunny day yesterday and today and no golf. Looks like it is a go for tomorrow at Foster. Yahoo! Oh, IF my knee will cooperate with all the walking. I will be taking my Ibuprofen!
I only have ONE MORE square to embroider for my Christmas wall hanging. I thought I would get it done by Christmas, but here it is February and I am still fiddling with it!

See. I have to cut a few of the embroidered designs, embroider that one last piece, stitch them all together with the borders, and then sew the binding and backing on and quilt. My stack of projects is piled high.

My latest business endeavor. Love, love, love this stuff!


Rebekah said...

so fun that you participated this month, I love your purse and the christmas wall hanging is awesome!!

Angee said...

I LOVE the purse!

Chris Gough said...

Pretty awesome shots of your yard, never had any deer here in North Seattle...I say give em more to eat!!!
I know my they drive my dad crazy when they eat his apples and roses.

Shar said...

Looks like a nice quilt for next December! ;) Lunch WAS a hoot--as usual with this group. Your yard is comin' beautifully alive.