Monday, February 21, 2011

Remember when cooking was fun?

Or maybe just a creative expression? When I was looking at some new blog posts today, I found this:   (check the links to the right)

That was all the inspiration I needed to get my Pasta Maker out of the pantry and prove to myself that I still remember how this contraption all fits together! I know many of you young moms struggle with your schedule and feel too overwhelmed to spend much extra time cooking, and I did, too, with little kids under foot. But I do remember that I used to delight in putting a nice meal on the table for the family every night when the kids were still at home. Not gourmet, but just all around good everyday food! Things change when it is just two old fogies at home! I find that I would rather play on my computer or spend time in my craft/sewing room, or that I'm too tired after golf....oh dear! Costco has made me lazy. Trader Joe has lots of heat and serve type meals. And yet, there is nothing wrong with quick and easy. Actually tonight's meal was a combination of quick and easy and special. Chicken breasts from Costco thawed and in the pan with mango/lime salsa from a jar, frozen peas and homemade rigatoni pasta. And oooohhh, that salsa was tangy hot. I wished it had a little less bite. Next time I will opt for Costco mango salsa. YUM!!

This is easy and fun!

Yup, there really is a chicken breast under there.

Homemade pasta cooks in only a fraction of the time that dried pasta takes, and I always use Semolina flour instead of regular flour. My favorite is still angel hair pasta! But then again, homemade gnocchi is really good too!

Happy cooking!

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