Friday, February 25, 2011

Gadget Girl in the Sewing Room

Yup. You could call me gadget girl because I love tools and gizmos and handy-dandy aids in my sewing room and my kitchen. I am so very happy to have my rubber stamps moved out of my craft/sewing room and SOLD to others who will enjoy them, which gave me more room to spread out my sewing machines and supplies. I still have to put up a quilt design wall, which is simply an area of the wall which has quilt batting or some other felt-like fabric that quilt pieces can stick to so I can hang up the quilt pieces in process to see how I want the finished project to look. First I need to fill the holes from all the shelves I had up there holding some of my stamps.

Every sewing room must have a sturdy cutting surface, so years ago Dave helped me get a large cutting area made out of a large slab of MDF (medium density fiberboard for all you non-construction types) set on top of two inexpensive ready-made lower cabinet modules, complete with drawers. I have a large cutting mat on top and it works perfectly.

But where are the gadgets? All over the place! In drawers, hanging up, on shelves. Here are my latest finds.

I really didn't NEED a new rotary cutter, but this one is sweet! New and improved.

Now I didn't need any more tiny scissors, but these were on sale and I couldn't resist.


If you are really into the creative sewing process, you know how many threads and bits of fabric fall on the floor. Especially if you are serging. And I have my old serger set up (finally) as well as my WONDERFUL newer BabyLock air threading serger. Gotta contain those threads, so we must have places to conveniently put them. Viola!

I have used a ziplock bag for years attached with duct tape to contain serger fabric and threads.

I have this right behind my serger to hold the garbage from my big sewing machine. Still, do you see the threads on the carpet?

Here is my main garbage container. It fills up quickly with card making stuff as well. I did sell my rubber stamps but I still make cards and have to cut them down to size. Hence, a full garbage container.

Here is yet another spot to stuff the junk. I have no excuse for making a mess in here!
Right now I have 4 project that I am working on at the same time. And I'm not even counting the 2 large quilt tops that need to be layered and quilted, or the 2 wallhangings that are half finished. I'm pathetic! But I will get them done. Here is one of tonight's projects.
 These are about 2 1/2" x 2" mini Asian kimonos (3 of them) on a piece of white satin that will be the topper for a brown hinged box that has a place to insert these under glass. Love machine embroidery!!
The following photos aren't totally gadget oriented, but I have all my findings organized in plastic boxes in a rather large built in shelf area. From accessories for my machines to zippers. It's all in there somewhere!

Here is a sample. Sometimes I can't remember where I put things. Like just tonight I was looking for my horizontal spool holder. I searched high and low (I have 3 of these suckers!) and I FINALLY found them right where the container was even labeled "horizontal spool holders" among other machine related supplies.

You can't even see all the buttons I have. I won't get rid of any of them! I have 4 containers behind these, including a huge glass jar full to the brim. I have my grandmothers old buttons and some from Shareen's mom after she passed away. You never know when I might get an urge to go retro!

This is just some of my super specialty thread. I have thread coming out of my ears practically. And it tickles! If you desire to be creative, you need thread. Rayon, cotton, silk, polyester, variegated, mono-filament, bobbin thread, 30 weight, 40 weight, 60 weight. I still have thread from 40 years ago, but I don't use that very often since it degrades and doesn't seem to want to get along with the newer computerized sewing machines.
I try to shield Dave from my heavy duty addictions. But he found out just how bad I was with my rubber stamping hobby. I had paper making supplies, pergamano supplies, ink pads and punches galore. He had NO idea! But still, he loves me and doesn't hassle me over my weaknesses. After all, he has put up with my horse adventures and that is a REAL money pit!! For years I have said this about my hobbies....."It's cheaper than paying a therapist!" Uh oh. I do think that therapy would have been cheaper, but I guarantee I would still be who I am and couldn't be happy without all my "stuff." Well, I could be happy. After all I didn't always have "stuff" when we couldn't afford it! I can be content with less, but PLEASE don't touch my sewing stuff!

I guess I should get back to my sewing room. I still have one thing that I know I will finish tonight!

A little wine lasts me all night and I have even been known to forget to finish it. But only a little wine. I wouldn't want to stitch through my finger!!

I will post some of my latest creations so come on back!

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