Thursday, February 3, 2011

A. Lincoln

Kyle and Kari gave Dave & me this thick autobiography of Abraham Lincoln for our birthdays (one week apart) and I brought it with us to Acapulco to read. I really had hoped to finish the book...all 796 pages of this extra large paperback....before we returned home. WRONG! I got about half way into it and I have to say it requires more 'thoughtful' reading than a novel so I overestimated how quickly I could read it! I have really enjoyed this book and found myself many times stopping to tell Dave or Chip something new that I learned. I feel like I now know A. Lincoln. Oh, and the reason the book is named A. Lincoln is that it is how Mr. Lincoln referred to himself.

So, I highly recommend this book! And in reality the last 120 pages or so are notes and the index so don't be intimidated by the size. Besides for those of you who shudder at so many words....there are photos sprinkled throughout for your entertainment.

Thanks Kyle & Kari!

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Kari said...

So glad to hear you liked it! I had heard it was good, might have to borrow it once you and dave are done!