Monday, September 26, 2016

Day 269

Arnold Palmer died today 9/25/16

These photos are from 2005, when Dave and I had the pleasure of meeting Arnold Palmer when he was at Suncadia, playing on the Prospector Course for it's grand opening. Since we owned a lot in Suncadia we were invited to attend and one of the golf instructors at our local course, Jodie, actually knows Arnold! Her brother was his caddy many years ago and they kept in touch with each other with letters and cards. Both Dave and I have taken lessons from Jodie and when Arnold invited her to come, and she found out we would also be there for this event, she suggested we meet up and she would introduce us to Arnold.

Arnold signed Dave's golf hat and now that hat is tucked away never to be worn again. Arnold Palmer will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him and all who knew of him.

We had front row seats to watch A.P. warm up on the practice green.
He didn't take that many practice shots, instead he regaled the crowd with story after story.
Always smiling and always pleased to talk with his fans.
Jodie walking and talking with Arnold as they head down to his ball.
So sweet!

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