Friday, September 16, 2016

Day 260

and onto using a cane

This morning at physical therapy I was pleased to hear that the range of motion is increasing in my knee. At two weeks I am at 114 degrees of bend. On Monday I was only at 95 degrees (before doing any exercises at pt.) Getting my leg straight is another matter. Only -10 degrees and after working it I was able to get it to -3. I was encouraged because I am still in loads of pain and had been wondering if I would ever get it back! Not to worry.

After Dave got home from lunch with Chip and stopping in to see my aunt, I walked with Dave from our house towards the mailboxes.My hip was really giving me some grief so Dave made me stop and wait for him to get the mail so I would be able to hopefully make it back home. Ouch! I'm getting there!
I'm waiting right here, cane in hand.

Now to walk all the way back home....our house is beyond the planter in the middle of the street on the right.

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