Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Day 258

it is time to shock him into it!

I ordered a shock collar for Beemer a few months ago and then found out that the dog needs to be at least 6 months old before he should use it. It wasn't until yesterday, when Bobbi came over and asked me where his shock collar was, that I remembered that we even had one! Poor memory. I'm so glad she mentioned it because today I got it all set up and have been using it on him periodically. Like when he begins chewing on the buttons on my blouse. Unfortunately the zap causes him to hop off my lap so I'm not sure if he thinks my lap is the culprit or what! 

It only looks like a high setting. Eight. It is actually Low 8 and I've tried it on my hand and it is quite mild. The green button emits a sound but so far that hasn't deterred him. He has been such a lover all day long that I haven't had to use it more than a few times. The real problem is when company comes and he jumps up at them. He is gently with his jump because he is so small but it is an annoyance, so we are hoping that this device will correct that behavior.

Beemer is a lover and a licker. I know most people don't like a dog to lick them, but hopefully in time we can curb that some. I'm not as upset about that unless he opens his mouth and his teeth touch my skin! He has been quite a good comfort for me though, and Dave is out taking him for his daily walk right now. I'm still glad he is part of our lives! Dave may have a different opinion!

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