Saturday, August 27, 2011

People are the Fabric of My Life

What better way to spend part of an afternoon but to drive about 3 miles down the road to sit on the deck and visit with a lady from our garden club. Helen is a sweet 89 year young widow who still lives in her own home on about an acre, still drives and tends her flower garden. It is not always possible during our garden club meetings to really get to know each other even though we always have a luncheon afterwords.

As we sat on her very nice deck looking out over her flowers and the neighboring huge pasture off to the side, I discovered that when she and her husband were first married they lived in the Cedar River Apartments before buying their first house, one of the wartime houses that were offered for sale in the late 40's in the Renton Highlands. I mused over the thought that she had lived there most likely when my husband Dave's parents lived in those same apartments before buying their home in Skyway. What a small world!

Helen had phoned me to ask if I would like to come visit and see her flower garden which was looking especially nice right now. This lovely lady had just hosted a wedding for her daughter in her back yard! My goodness, I hope I am fortunate enough to be as spry as she is should I live that long! After a pleasant talk, she showed me her flower garden, spouting off the names of each plant. My memory is not as good as hers at remembering all the plants I have in my yard. She had placed a piece of string on her shoulder prior to my arrival and asked if I could tie up one of her delphinium flowers for her since it was leaning way over. Here are some photos of her flower garden. Hasn't she done a beautiful job with the mix of colors and texture?


I feel so blessed to have an abundance of people in my life. But then, I'm a people person and getting to interact with folks energizes me and gives me such joy. I know that we people are all different and some like the solitude of their lives, while others are content with the boats and motorhomes and vacation condos they retreat to. I like those things too. Well, I would if I actually had them! But meeting and getting to know people and finding commonalities is the most fun I can think of having. I do believe in the idea of "Six Degrees of Separation" and if I spend enough time talking AND LISTENING to a person I learn the most amazing things and find that we usually have something or someone in common! Try it next time you have the opportunity for conversing with someone new to you. See what amazing facts you can uncover!

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