Wednesday, August 24, 2011

High School Classmates '67 Golf Tournament

Last Thursday, Dave and I had the pleasure of getting together with some of our high school crowd for a golf tournament at Maplewood Golf Course. What fun!! The night before some of us got together at Jack's in the Renton Highlands to share a bite to eat as names were drawn and teams formed. There were lots of loud protests and a bit of trash talk during this process....all in good fun!

There were 5 teams and since we had 6 girls one team had 2 girls. We played a scramble format, which is a super fun way to compete. It goes like this: Each one in the four or five-some tees off and the best shot is selected. Then we all tee off from that spot and repeat the process until the ball is holed. The only requirement was that each player must have 2 of their drives used, then we could take any drives. We were all in golf carts and we had a preview of things to come when one of our drivers (RICK) got his cart high-centered when going over the curb just after teeing off on the first hole! He and Steve had to get out and push. We did kind of go downhill from there, since our group came in last. We had an even score, meaning we shot 72, which is par. We did have lots of laughs along the way as our balls seemed destined to go every which way but straight!

Here we are pictured shortly before the first group teed off. My teammates were from left to right, Tim Cummings, Rick Scappini, yours truly, and Steve Patterson.
Here are all the golfers

Dave's team, though they had 5 players, came in next to last with one under par. His group was right ahead of mine and since one of his players had never golfed before, they slowed us down a bit since the guys were giving this fellow lessons on each hole. His teammates were Michelle Cooper Dieckman, Dave, Rick Sodorff, Ron Lee and Gary McMillan. A side note is that only 2 couples of the many who married classmates showed up to golf. Michelle & her husband Al and Dave and me.

The other 3 teams all tied with 5 under par, and since we only had trophies enough for one team, a team was drawn from a hat (so to speak) and declared the winning team.

The person who is most responsible for organizing us, Mike Willis, and his wife Diane, had us all over to their home for a catered dinner (we all did pay for it) in their fabulous back yard. And who catered? Of course....another former classmate, Marilea Addington Peterson and her sister Judy. Marilea is married to classmate Jim Peterson. Isn't it wonderful that so many of our classmates are still married to each other!?!! In 6 years we will celebrate our 50th high school reunion!! WOW!! Add 3 more to that and Dave and I will celebrate OUR 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Some other classmates who didn't play in the tournament, showed up for dinner and a few others who played weren't able to attend for one reason or another, and both Dave and I can't wait until next year's tournament....Lord willing!

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