Saturday, October 1, 2011

Charlotte's First Birthday

Charlotte turned ONE on September 22, but Pete and Shauna had a gathering for friends and family on Saturday, Sept. 24th.

Now that I have my new desktop (that is another story...a boring one) I am able to download the photos and put them in my blog. The video is for you, Robin! It was a fun afternoon!

Bri Prather and her daughter, Eloise, and Baar and his mom Sarah Weeldreyer

Kelsie and Emma

No, No, No!!!!!


I made these hairclips for Kelsie's new baby Emma

Shauna liked the ones I made for Emma and asked if I could make some for her her girls. Hailey likes Thomas the Train!


Shauna said...

Great pics! Thanks for posting the video too. :) Love it!

Shar said...

Her first Princess Party! All so adorable. I love how Big Sister seemed to want to help.