Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stitch and Fish

I thought that might get your attention! 
This morning I attended an hour and a half talk by one of my favorite artistic quilters, Libby Lehman. She is from Houston, Texas, and was invited to speak at the Bernina dealer in Renton today. I paid my $20 a few weeks ago and was I ever glad I was there! 
Libby Lehman, author of the now out-of-print book Threadplay, which I already had so was able to bring it with me and get her signature in it! Check out that jacket!
  These are some examples of her work:

Of course Libby uses a Bernina sewing machine, but my Baby Lock machine will work equally as well, except for one foot that is a Bernina exclusive. I think I can live without it! Maybe. The reason that I have so admired Libby is that she is an abstract artist. Just my cup of tea! And she uses all sorts of threads and yarns to make her quilts come alive. Sometimes I have felt like out of water because I like the wonky, wacky and colorful in my quiltmaking. I know it is not for everyone. But it does sorta make my heart sing! I learned several new techniques today and I can't wait to put them into practice!! Now to the fish story.....

My beta fish that I have had longer than probably any other beta I've had, is sick. Somehow he lost his ability to float. I forget what they call that. There is a name for it.
Here is my friendly beta fish. I don't like to call him a Siamese Fighting Fish. That sounds too mean!
He has been living either on the bottom of his tank or in amongst the roots of the peace lily plant that I have at the top. The thin roots hold him up. A few times throughout the day I check on him to see if he is still alive. I know it's "just a little fish" but I feel so sorry for him! I pet the side of the tank, he looks at me and sometimes swims over to my finger. More often than not, he is lying perfectly still and I have to wiggle the glass tank to see if he is still alive. He slowly begins flipping his little "wings" and struggles to the top for some food.

Pool guy!
Do you think God cares about this little fish? I do! If He cares about a little sparrow, I'm sure he cares about the fish of the sea as well. And if God cares about the life of a little bitty fish, I guess I can too. The only thing I know for sure is that God cares for me and you! Makes me wonder if God is "wiggling my tank" checking to see what I'm up to! I hope He is not disappointed!

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Shar said...

Sorry your beta is struggling. :'( Sounds like a fun time with Libby.

I got the scarf/necklace finished, and am really disappointed in it. Just have button/holes to put in the blouse from the expo fabric.

Cute birthday pictures. :D