Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Charlotte is ready to crawl!

Charlotte has been sitting by herself for the past 2 weeks or so

 I watched Shauna's girls last night for a couple of hours and was amazed to see that not only can Charlotte sit by herself (she was six months old yesterday) but she is beginning to crawl. She can lift herself up on all fours and push herself forward. Shauna told me she was beginning to crawl, but I was skeptical. Holy cow! I was amazed at this sweet little Charlotte! I guess she is taking after her Uncle Jason, who crawled early and was walking at 10 months old.
So, is she creeping or actually crawling?
And Hailey is such an innocent little thing, so sweet and loving....until boom, she dances over to her sister and pushes her over! I had to give Hailey a time out and spoke with her sternly about being nice to her sister and that it was not good to push her over when she is sitting on the floor. I don't really know why she does this, because she is always giving her sister kisses and patting her on the back and treating her nice. That's kids for you!!
Hailey loves her little sister.

She loves playing in the tunnel

                                                                  The Dancing Queen!
Happy Baby!

And I'm one happy GRANDMA!


Shauna said...

Loving Hailey's dance moves. :) And yes, I think it's a crawl Charlotte is doing...she moves her legs up under herself...she just needs to connect it all and she'll be 'officially' crawling.

Shar said...

Precious little girls. :)