Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hellebore Tea

Here are some photos from the annual Hellebore Tea that I attended on Sunday afternoon at the Lake Wilderness Country Club, put on by the Lake Wilderness Arboretum. The first photo is of our table (Issaquah Garden Club) all set and ready to eat. We all contributed table decorations and food for the event. I made the floral centerpiece, using that same champagne glass that I used for our January garden club meeting. There is always a contest to see which table makes the best presentation and the judge is our local garden expert, Marianne Binetti . There were over 20 tables and lots of garden clubs were represented. Our table was one of two from the Issaquah Garden Club. Good food, good conversation! Silent auction, and a "best hat" contest. I don't wear hats so didn't participate. But next year, some of us are thinking we could get very creative and have our table mates each make a fun hat.

Our table decided to do floral mis-matched china and butterfly theme
Here is our table again, from above
And....the WINNING TABLE...the other table by our own Issaquah Garden Club members! Isn't it beautiful??

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