Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

How lovely are your polyethylene branches!

It's only 4 1/2' tall, arrived in a box yesterday and it is now up and decorated. WooHoo! Easy. And I don't have to rearrange all the living room furniture. Yes, I could remove the plant that is behind the tree, but then I would have to find another place for it. This works!

I ordered this tree from and they were quick! They shipped it the day after I ordered and it arrived 4 days later. I'm impressed with that company and hope to order from them again. I forgot the most important part...the price! On sale marked down from $159 to...................$39! That's right! $39, no tax and no shipping. You can't beat that! Uh Oh. I just checked their site. Guess my timing was perfect because it looks like this one is sold out.

It's dark at 5 pm. I like!
 with flash on
with flash off

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Shar said...

Beautiful tree...great shopping (as usual!). Your home is gorgeous.