Saturday, December 4, 2010

Birthday wishes for Don

Tonight we had our friends, Don and Mary, to our house for dinner. Since Don's birthday is Monday, we wished him a happy birthday with this flourless chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. Yum!

The recipe I used was from the cookbook, Christina's of Sun Valley. Her Christina's Restaurant is famous for their breakfasts. Dave and I have eaten there when we've been to Sun Valley and will go there again when we visit. I have a "thing" for cookbooks, so I bought two of her cookbooks and have found them to be loaded with good recipes and she has nice color pictures of the food, which to my way of thinking is what all cookbooks should have!

And here is a copy of the recipe in case you are interested. You can click on the recipe to make it a bigger size.Hope you enjoy it. Oh, I should mention that when I removed the sides of the springform pan and placed the cake on my cake plate, I forot that the slippery bottom piece was just sitting on my glass plate, so after I served our cake, I was able to slip that piece out and leave the cake (parchement paper still attached) on my cake plate. I discovered my problem when I moved the cake to cut it and it almost slid right off!

As you can see, Don is quite the jokester! They are a fun couple and we are blessed to call them friends.


Shar said...

Yum. The cake looks so pretty. Recipe sounds almost like mousse, but in a prettier shape.

Anonymous said...
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