Monday, July 14, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Real Estate Agent Part 3

4:30 Appointment to talk about the comparative market analysis I put together on this home. Lovely, elegant and backs up to a tranquil stream. Plenty of room inside and out to enjoy! Let me know if you want more details or might be interested in purchasing it!

And where has my "official" assistant been all afternoon? He looks weary from a day of awsome golf in the heat! I should have had HIM print my postcards!!

The table is set for a simple dinner for two. Thank you COSTCO! Lasagna, broccoli, garlic bread and cherries. And to think that I always cooked a homemade dinner when the kids were home.

I still have one more phone call to make this evening and then I will be working on adding all my photos to this blog. I thought I would be showing a home to some buyers this evening, but they need to postpone it until later this week. Now it is after 8 pm. All in a days work! OK, now it is 9 pm and I'm having difficulty in loading all these photos. I have to do it in reverse order and I'm stuck. VERY FRUSTRATING!! This happens all too often with computer use. Well, here it is now 10:50 and I'm just finishing up. I began uploading photos using my laptop and when I encountered problems decided to try my desktop computer. I can't explain why I was then able to download the pictures. I'm tired and I guess the laundry will have to wait until tomorrow! Thanks for reading. Not all agents sit around all day eating bon bons and waiting for the phone to ring!!

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