Thursday, May 18, 2017

No Dim Sum for me thank you very much

My friend, Sharon G. and I met for lunch yesterday. She suggested this restaurant which is known for its dim sum. OooooKayyyyy. I've never eaten dim sum so wasn't exactly sure just what a treat (not!) I was in for! I arrived first, was seated and watched ladies with carts moving around serving lots of dishes to customers. Hmmm. When Sharon arrived, even before she had a chance to sit down, these ladies were at our table opening baskets of food and seemed annoyed when I said I didn't want one dish that they were sure we should get. Slimy looking white "dough" encasing shrimp. I felt assaulted and asked for a menu. That didn't help as they continued to open baskets and set them on the table. Absolutely nothing looked good to me but Sharon had been through this routine before so I asked her to go ahead and get what she wanted. She was quite sympathetic to my situation and wanted to be sure to get things I would like. Thanks, friend!

As it turned out, I like to decide in a relaxed manner just what I would like to eat and didn't find much of what we got to my liking. Poor Sharon. I think she was even a bit frustrated with the ladies forcing their food on us without a chance to even sit down or think about what dishes we should order. She thought this would be a treat for me, but I wasn't thrilled to eat a ball of gummy shrimp wrapped in a pretty slimy doughy wrap or sticky rice with tiny balls of meat (?) inside served in a big old leaf, deep fried shrimp in a triangle of some sort of yellow dough or a teensy bit of  BBQ pork inside a "dinner roll." As it turned out, these 4 dishes cost us $14 per person. Add insult to injury! I guess the Chinese community likes this type of food and service because there were plenty of diners and Sharon and I were definitely the minority. I will stick to my normal American Chinese fare please!

On the other hand, Sharon and I had a fine time catching up and we always enjoy our time together irregardless of what type of food we eat!

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