Thursday, March 9, 2017

Girl Scouts and School Performance

My dd, Shauna, needed a helper for Girl Scouts several months ago, when she began her adventure in leading 2 girl scout troops for her daughters. Voila! It is I, the one who sweeps in to say "yes, I will help." This simple yes, also led me to agree to be the cookie sale manager for both troops since none of the moms would volunteer. That is another story for another time. 😭😭

Yesterday I arrived to be with the Daisy Troop (Charlotte's troop) because the mom who would normally be there couldn't come. The leader must have another "approved/background checked" person in attendance at each meeting. Poor Shauna had just arrived home from vacation at 2 am or thereabouts so hadn't had much time to recover from the long day of flying let alone preparing for the troop meeting. She did, however, have an idea for the craft portion of the meeting. And what a winning idea it was.

Here are the girls, making small cookie booth's for their 18" dolls. They are not actually doing booth sales this year but will be doing so next year. This will give them good practice for when they can sell in front of businesses. Aren't they sweet?? Notice the boxes of cookies on the ledge in back of the girls.

This is Charlotte's creation.
Of course, Hailey, who is a Brownie, HAD to be involved and made a cookie stand too. Sorry this photo didn't turn out. I should have snapped a couple more. At least her doll is in focus!

When the meeting ended at 5 pm, I had to get back home, make dinner, eat and leave by 6 pm for the 2nd grade singing program at Briarwood Elementary, which Hailey took part in. I was SUPER impressed with this 1/2 hour performance. They sang songs about the planets and even sang about poor Pluto being demoted from planethood!

Can you find Hailey? She is left of center by a few kids, 2nd row up, with only the top half of her face showing, right under the kid in the dark shirt.
It is amazing when I think about how many 2nd graders there are at this school! There are over 100 kids and 5 teachers. A far cry from when I was in 2nd grade!

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