Saturday, March 11, 2017

Cookie Sales

This is the weekend that the girls are hitting it hard on the sidewalks selling cookies. We are a bit behind the 8 ball since Shauna was out of the country when sales began. Have I mentioned that I will NEVER again volunteer to be the cookie manager for girl scouts? I am overwhelmed with all the paperwork and complexity of something that I ASSUMED would be simple. I have already told Shauna that I will be moving out of the country so the GS people can't find me. And I told Dave that the only reasonable way out of this for me is death. If we get this whole mess reconciled it will be a miracle. I haven't done everything the right way so don't have all the paper trail they expect to see when the sale is over. This 30+ page manual was way too intense for this grandma. And another problem is that Hailey's troop is small and only 3 of the 5 girls are able to sell. UGH.

But here they are having a fun time yesterday. They were VERY successful!! One of the mom's owns this salon and we had to go through the approval process to be able to set up there. It is surrounded by a bunch of restaurants and a bar. A police cruiser drove past, stopped in the middle of the road and used his bullhorn to say "We bought S'mores and are enjoying them." That was fun! Despite my frustration, the girls are learning to be bold and talk to people. They have to make change and deal with the cash box. And they are SMILING!!

The blonde lady left the restaurant across the street to come buy cookies and take the girls' photo. That was sweet. And a gentleman donated $100 for the troops. OCD or Operation Cookie Drop is a gift of caring project with Girl Scouts allowing cookies to be given to local military personnel via the USO.

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