Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Art Journal 2015

It's time to share with you a new project that I have embarked on. I happened on a blog for people that are interested in stretching their artistic muscles. Well, that's me! Check it out
here. I went ahead and ordered my Ranger brand dylusions creative journal from Amazon. You can buy yours here.

It arrived today, so then the fun began.
The first step was to find scraps of paper to glue on to make the background. I used a simple glue stick. Not that it mattered what I used since they will all be pretty well covered up by the end anyway.

Then I brushed on some Acrylic Gesso and used a paper towel to soak up some of the gesso so I could still see through it.

Next it was time for some color. I used some acrylic artist paints. Since we downsized and I got rid of so much stuff I've been hyperventilating over all the tools and products that I no longer have. BUT I still have some supplies so I will use what I have. I brushed on some more gesso to tone the colors down a bit.

Here is my finished page I used a black oil stick for the words "Celebrate" and "Dream," smudging them a bit, a micropen for the written words and a black IDenti-pen for the other words. I also added a couple of pieces of paper tape. After it had set overnight, I sprayed it with fixative to set it.

This journal project involves making a 2-page layout each week for the year. That is 52 of these pages. I entered into this project 3 weeks late, so I will have to catch up. The words I used on this page are: Dream, Love, Believe, Take a Chance, Hope, Create;, Pray, Laugh, Practice, Be Thankful, One Step at a Time, Celebrate and Change. It seemed like words fitting for the beginning of a new year. And I can't help but be inspired by my grandkids!

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