Monday, August 6, 2012

Seafair and Birthdays!

What a fun day we had yesterday! We were invited to Andy & Julie Lamb's home for Seafair BBQ and to watch the Blue Angels from their back deck on Mercer Island. Great view! Our whole family was there and of course Dave & Sharron Lamb also took part. Unfortunately Zanna, Erik and kids live in Pittsburg so missed out on this reunion of sorts, and Jeff, Kim and kids were unable to attend also. When the Lambs lived in Seward Park several years back, it was a tradition to party there and we had a fantastic, close-up view of the Blue Angels performing.
Sharron has posted about the BBQ on her blog so you can go check out her excellent snaps at:

We celebrated birthdays together too. Conner Lamb turned 8, Annika Young turned 5 and Pete and Shauna Myron turned....another year older! It's not too often that a married couple share the same birthday!

Here are some of my photos:

Charlotte enjoying watching the other kids playing down below.

 "The Kids!"
Pete and Hailey

Yup, the specks in the sky are the Blue Angels. Just wanted to capture the view from the deck.

Andy, Beckett and Kari
Julie with Beckett. Andy and Julie are GREAT hosts.

There's Logan!

 Uh, does Saben happen to have a stick in his hand?? He must be giving his friend, Connor a birthday "poke." Look at that blue angel cupcake display!

The Birthday Bunch

Now, Annika and Pete's faces!

Slip 'n Slide FUN

Our friendship with the Lamb family goes back to 1976.....36 years!! Almost 1/2 of my lifetime! (My goof....I'm, not 72 yet!!) Family and friends are the BEST. And we are BLESSED....more than we deserve!


Shar said...

ALMOST half???!!!

Looks like we all had fun! ;)

Oh yeh! We DID!

Sandy Young said...

Uhhh. You mean I'm not 73??? I never was good at math!! I guess we passed the 1/2 way mark when I was 56. Thanks for pointing out my error!