Sunday, August 26, 2012

Boeing Classic & our High School Reunion

Phew! What a full day we had yesterday. We left for TPC Snoqualmie Ridge at about 8:30 am for the Boeing Classic Golf Tournament. We picked up Dick S. & Dave L. and off we went. If you are a golfer and are familiar with TPC you will know how hilly it is there. I was exhaused by the time we left at about 4:45 pm. Walk, walk, walk! Up, down, up, down. It WAS worth it.

This is the 17th hole, called On the Rock.

My favorite spot to watch from was the 14th hole which is called Bear's Canyon. It is 448 yards the long way (par 4) but I loved it when some of the guys drove it to the green over the canyon which drops 80 feet in elevation, tee to green. A gutsy play for sure! The green is pretty tiny and has a deep bunker in front of it. Sorry I didn't get a photo of it! Here are some of the names of other holes, which I found interesting: Southern Descent, The Ridge, Twin Firs, Deception, The Narrows, Screaming Eagle, Bunker Hill, Mt. Si-gh and Rat's Nest. What a perfect showcase for the Seattle area!

I did manage to snap a few photos of Tommy Armour III as he was swinging the club. He uses the stack-and-tilt method so thought I should try to capture it.


We were fortunate enough to score tickets from our financial advisor at Schwab so were able to get in for free (after paying $10 for parking and the bus ride from the parking lot) and have lunch and drinks in the Schwab Hospitality Room. Before we left the course, we went back up to the hospitality room and got to meet a couple of the players and have our photo taken with them.

Here we are with Tom Pernice, Jr.

Oh look! It's Fred Funk! One of Dave's favorite players. A genuinely nice guy and a fellow Christian to boot! That was a sneaky way for Dave L. to get in the photo!! Maybe I should photoshop him out!! Nah! Where was Dick when all this was going on?
Our 45th High School class reunion was due to begin at 5:00. After we arrived home, showered and dressed, we were only an hour and a half late! We got caught up with lots of classmates and were so tired we called it a night at about 11 pm. Here is a photo of Dave's Campbell Hill Elementary classmates.

I attended Hillcrest Elementary and our much smaller group posed for a photo as well. I don't have a copy of that yet. Out of the 800+ in our class, we must have had a couple hundred in attendance. This reunion was just a bit different than others. More of us are retired and there was way more talk of ailments. Cancer, hospitalizations, and joint replacements! I wonder what our 50th reunion will be like!

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