Saturday, December 3, 2011

Adventures with the Grandkids

We had the opportunity to keep Saben and Annika overnight last night and look what we've been doing! After dinner we drove to Gene Coulon Park to watch the Christmas lights get turned on. What a huge amount of beautiful Christmas "Clam Lights!" It was SUPER cold out and there were lots of people there watching the festivities. There were so many Christmas decorated boats in the parade of boats that we began walking toward our car after 45 minutes of boats going by. We had the perfect spot to see it all, right in the middle of the long "U" shaped dock. Here are some photos:

The kids searched through part of one of my containers of buttons and selected some to use for the Christmas trees that we made.

Believe it or not, we used 2 of those thin paper plates to create the cone and then covered them with fabric. Lots of hot glue later (grandma did all the gluing) and they told me what they wanted for the star on top and where to place the buttons. Here are the finished trees which I have placed over upside down martini glasses.

 For lunch I made these pizza roll-ups. I found the recipe on Pinterest (love that site!) and Grandpa and the kids enjoyed eating them. They are really simple to make: Use Pillsbury crescent rolls, a bottle of squeezable pizza sauce, low fat pepperoni and 1/4 stick of mozzarella cheese per roll.

After lunch we played Chinese Checkers. It has been many, many years since I played that game!

Then we drove to Seattle to meet Kyle and Kari at Pacific Place where we ate dinner and the kids had their picture taken with Santa. We walked to the Sheraton Hotel and looked at all the ginger bread houses on display. What a fun time with our two oldest grandchildren! And their parents!!


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Robin said...

What fun with the grandkids! We saw the gingerbread houses last weekend!