Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dresses for Africa!

This Friday our church is having a special time for those who sew to gather together to make dresses for African children. Pretty neat! I have made a few pillowcase dresses for Annika and have several pillowcases that I had purchased from thrift shops so I have spent some time yesterday sewing 4 pillowcase dresses. They are SO simple! The white eyelet fabric needed to be lined and that was a simple fix. I still have 4 more pillowcases as well as some other fabrics from my stash that I will be taking with me for Friday's sewing adventure.

It feels so good to make these little dresses and imagining the little ones who will benefit from my efforts. Won't those white dresses look fabulous against dark skin? I will be stopping by my local thrift stores tomorrow to look for more pretty pillowcases. They take just a bit less work than making these dresses from yardage. The goal on Friday is to make 100 dresses. I hope that lots of ladies show up!!


Shauna said...

those white pillow cases look so cute for dressing a bed I cant believe you destroyed them! :O (I mean, cute dresses!) :)

Sandy Young said...

Trust me....the white pillowcases are made of eyelet, so have little holes all over with stitching around each hole. Not what you want your face laying on in bed! This is a much better use for eyelet!