Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Golf, golf and more golf

I know, it's cold outside and wet. Not the ideal time to be out golfing. So, why not click on the YouTube link on the right (with the picture of the little boy) and be amazed! This little tyke has gone through some tough times for his young age, but what an utterly talented guy he is! He has a natural golf swing. I'm jealous!! And when did you buy your current set of clubs?? If you haven't purchased a new set recently, you might just want to think about getting some good quality clubs with graphite shafts suited to your age and strength. And those hybrids!! You've gotta love those! Nothing feels quite like setting foot on that first tee with your new clubs, after whacking a few buckets of balls, full of confidence, knowing all is right in the world, everyone watching as you prepare to hit that ball straight down the fairway.....and then.....all that nervous energy translates into a shanked shot and questioning why you ever thought new clubs could cure all your ills!! Not to worry! It's just first tee jitters. Shake it off and hike those 10 paces to your ball and try again. Those expensive new clubs can't help you with the jitters, but in time you will be glad you upgraded when you see improvement with each trip to the golf course. Ahhh, makes me want to bundle up and hit the greens!

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