Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fun evening with Kyle and Kari and kids

After golfing 18 holes yesterday, I came home, changed clothes and Dave and I drove up to Bellingham to spend the evening with Kyle and Kari. They are the BEST hosts and made a tasty salmon/salad dinner which we all enjoyed. We brought Beemer and he was in heaven as we were able to let of run loose and not be constrained by a leash. They have the perfect setting for dogs, except for the coyotes and cougars which roam the area. Their dog, Maple, is in heat and she will be bred again and they will keep the puppies at home and sell them. What fun for the kids.

Dave was amazed at how quickly the kids learned the card tricks that he taught them. Saben is 12 and such a delightful guy. Annika is 10 and almost as tall as I am. Dave, in a moment of not thinking it through, offered the kids $100 each if they could do a one-handed card cut. It took Dave quite a while to be able to do this and most people struggle trying to get it. I know how to do it but CAN'T! Of course, Saben was able to get it done right away. Then Annika grumbled that "I almost have it!" before dropping all the playing cards. 😅 She kept practicing until just before we left at 9:30 she also could perform this feat. Pay up, Grandpa!!

We played a fun game of spoons and laughed a lot. We were outside on their new patio most of the evening. By the time we got home at close to 11:30 pm, we were both really tired. What a fun evening!

Kari learning how to do a one-handed card cut

Beemer was a GOOD boy!

Saben showing his dad his card trick that grandpa taught him and Annika working on that card cutting thing.
The sun is fading and we are in the playing that spoon game.

And as a bonus, here is a photo from 2 weeks ago when all 15 of our bible study group (plus one grandchild) were at McDonalds after church for our usual gathering. We are a presence to contend with each Sunday!

Oh Gail, I can only see your hand on your coffee cup on the left next to Ed!

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