Saturday, June 17, 2017

Ted and Shareen were in town

I am so bad about remembering to take photos! Ted and Shareen were in town to visit with Chip and handle some things for Roger and of spend some time with us! Shareen and I managed to check out 2 quilt shops and she bought some fabric and other items. I resisted temptation since I am in the middle of sewing several projects and can't handle anything more. She and I stopped by to see Shauna and the girls for a bit and then drove back home to relax a bit with Chip, Ted and Dave before we took off for dinner at the Whistle Stop Restaurant in Renton. Bummer. Food was terrible!

That was Thursday. Then yesterday they all arrived at about 11:30 am and we spent the day here watching the US Open golf tournament on TV and talking. I made stuffed spare ribs for dinner and Jason arrived at 5:30 after work and we all sat down to dinner at 6 pm. Fun time visiting. Jason left shortly after dinner and T, S and C stayed until about 9:30 because they needed to try to get some shut-eye at Chips before getting up early to drive back to San Francisco. In one day. Bye until next time!

So those photos. Here is all I managed to take. After dinner. After Jason had left. and I forgot to include Chip. I'm rather pathetic!

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