Monday, January 7, 2013

Hawaii dresses! Done in a day

While we were in Honolulu last month on our 2 week cruise to Hawaii and back, I bought some Hawaiian fabric to sew up some dresses for our 3 granddaughters. Since Maui is beckoning their families this month, I set about to sew up some simple sun dresses for the girls. Turns out I had enough fabric to make FIVE dresses! The Myrons will be traveling with another family, so I made a dress for Hailey, Charlotte and their friend Evie. I thought it would be pretty cool for all the girls to be able to dress the same. I made headbands for these three little girls as well.

Since Kyle's family will also be heading to Maui, I made a dress with flower headband for Annika, and since they will also be travelling with friends, I sewed up an additional dress and headband for Annika's friend Riley. I got them all finished yesterday. What a fun day I had creating these!

I stopped by Shauna's this afternoon and delivered 3 of the dresses. The girls were happy to try them on and pose for photos. They were SOOO thankful for their dresses AND that I had even made one for Evie! They made a point to especially thank me for making one for Evie. I LOVE creating things when the kids appreciate it!

Hailey and Charlotte 

I think this a dance pose!
Kari, SHHHHH! Annika and Riley's dresses and a little something for Saben will be arriving as soon as I can find a box to pack them in and get them to the post office. Be sure you send me a photo of Annika in her dress and I will post it. I hope it fits! And a photo of Saben in his gift as well!

Here are all the dresses:

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