Saturday, April 21, 2012

Junk or Treasure?

While trying to sort though years of accumulated "stuff" I found these old dolls. The walking doll was mine when I was a child in the 50's. I remember her well! My mom sewed the clothes she is wearing. Not sure what happened to her eyes however. Certainly being stored for 50 years couldn't have caused them to give out. Hmmm, then again maybe she is just aging like me! The other dolls belonged to my mom and her two sisters and are 1920's vintage. The doll bodies have cracked with age and the clothing surely has seen better days! So, what to do with them? I need to find a new home for them since we are drastically downsizing. I could just give them to the Goodwill, but it seems a shame to go that route. I have several items besides these dolls that might have value to someone but I won't have room to keep them any longer. Junk or treasure? That is the question.

It is proving to be a painful process to sort through my craft/sewing room and make decisions about what to keep and what to give away or try to sell. I happen to like all my stuff and if I get into a crafty mood I just know I will regret not having some things that I may need in the future. Then again, how much crafting and even sewing will I be doing during this next chapter of my life? I'm hoping when this remodeling/moving process comes to an end I will be able to relax a bit and be creative again. But, I don't have room for everything, so decisions are being made. I sold my old Bernette serger yesterday. I have hung on to it all these years as a back-up serger but although the motor and workings were fine, there were adjustments needed to make it stitch correctly. I can't believe how many calls and emails I received from ladies wanting to buy it and felt confident they could fix it! Just goes to show that there is someone for everything.

The kitchen will be my other difficult area to sort through. Our new kitchen will be much smaller with way less cabinet space. I love all my kitchen gadgets and cooking aids. I still want to bake bread in my bread machine and make cookies with my 30+ year old Kitchen Aid mixer. They are big and bulky and with all my other appliances and paraphernalia, where will I store them? More anxiety!

Then there is the garage....our new home has a storage shed, but no garage. WHAT?????? How can this possibly work for us? I have ordered an additional shed so that should handle Christmas decorations, family memorabilia, excess golf equipment, etc. etc. etc.

The stresses and strains of moving are a reality and I can't tell you how glad I will be when this process is over and we are settled into our new home and develop new routines.


Robin said...

I wonder if you could sell the dolls on ebay??

Shauna said...

I kind of want to see those dolls up close. I think I've only really seen them in the closet. I might want one or two. I mean, to own one of my grandma's dolls?? That would be incredible. :)

Sandy Young said...

They are yours, Shauna. All of them! :)