Saturday, March 31, 2012


I can't count how many different brands of black mascara I have tried over my adult lifetime. I have found that over-the-counter brands seem to do a better job for me than expensive cosmetic counter brands. Several years ago I was on a Lancome kick, but since I have fairly short eyelashes, even that brand didn't give me the length I desired. Waterproof, smear-resistant, good for contact wearers, washable, defining, volumizing, non-clumping, hypo-allergenic, lengthens, thickens, curves...ACK!!!  And let's not even talk about how many brands and how much money I have spent on skin care, foundations, eye shadows, blush, etc! I still have wrinkles. :(

I also still have freckles!! But that's another story.

Back to the mascara. A few years ago I discovered L'Oreal telescoping mascara. Finally I got some length! Then a couple of months ago as I was searching the cosmetic wall at Bartells, I discovered a new mascara. Here it is:

L'Oreal Double Extend "TUBES" Mascara

Notice that it is double ended. The white cap reveals....ta da.....white lengthener that you put on your eyelashes which creates tubes of this white stuff over your eyelashes. The red end is the black top coat of mascara. Much to my delight I found that my lashes look longer than ever! However, one MUST remember to not multi-task while applying this mascara!

Here is what I looked like one morning when I went out for the entire my garden club meeting where I introduced our guest speaker, and then went on to run other errands all afternoon. And no one said anything about my white eyelashes!

Check out those white eyelashes...
And here's a close up

Enough of that! If you multi-task, you may (like me) forget to put the top coat on. Now I think I will try this new Maybelline mascara...what do you think?


Robin said...

Too funny!

Shauna said...

Have you tried physicians formula? I love it. I have sensitive eyes and this stuff has been SO nice to wear!

Might give it a try. It's good. :)