Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Annika turns 4!

Sunday Dave and I drove up to Bellingham to visit with Kyle and Kari and the kids. Since Annika's 4th birthday was Monday, we wanted to bring her a present and wish her a happy birthday in person. We had such a nice time together! When we arrived Annika was at another little girl's birthday party with Kari, so after talking a bit, Kyle, Saben, Dave and I drove to Lake Padden Golf Course and practiced our putting. Saben is 6 and when he takes his time to set his feet and line up the putter, he does a pretty good job. We had brought putters with us for the 4 of us. Saben was surprised that it didn't cost ANY money and that he could go anytime his parents want to take him....for FREE! I can't wait until he is old enough to go golfing with us! By the time we got home, Kari & Annika were home and she was busy making a tasty dinner. Homemade pico de gallo, soft beef (steak) tacos with fresh guacamole and a roasted corn side dish. Delicious!

Annika opened her presents from us and wasn't too thrilled about the clothing but did seem to like the porcelain doll we gave her. The doll was one that was part of my mom's collection. We brought the doll stand too so Annika can play with the doll and/or put her in the stand in her room. Then, while Dave and Kyle talked in the living room, Kari and the kids and I played a childrens' sequence game. I also read several stories to the kids. Here are some photos of the day. Saben is just like his dad!



Kari said...

Annika has asked to wear the new clothing the last two mornings! She always loves new clothes, just takes a while to get over the fact that it wasn't a toy. : )

Shar said...

The kids look so cute. Saben is SO KYLE I can't believe it. Annika is like Avery, in that once she gets her new clothes, that's all she wants to wear for days. I LOVE 4-years-old...one of my favorite years, if not THE best. Still so innocent, but past the behavior that results from not being able to communicate! Glad you had such a nice day.