Friday, June 24, 2011

Jason the chef

Thought I would just write a little about Father's Day. What a fun Sunday afternoon. Jason suggested that he would like to cook dinner for us. Since he has a smoker, in went a beef brisket. He worked at that for several hours and made a huge batch of the BEST IN THE WEST BBQ BEAN BAKE. Man! Those were the best beans ever. He also made Honey-Chipotle Grilled Corn. He brought everything to our house, after the meat and beans were done. Pete, Shauna and the girls came and brought ice cream for dessert. I made gluten-free corn bread and gluten-free brownies. Everything was delicious!

It is difficult sometimes for a bachelor to get to do more than just show up for dinner, so this was a real treat for him and for us! What a good guy he is. And a superb cook!

Chef Jason
The Pointers....Dad and Son

Papa holding Frodo, who would really like a bite or two of that meat!
Open WIDE! Not you, Pete....

Good old Richard Scarry book.

Hailey....pose for the camera!

Charlotte is done, tray wiped down and hands wiped. She's not too messy with her fingers.

What a fun family! We missed you Kyle, Kari, Saben & Annika!!


Shar said...

Nice tribute to your dad, and fun family pix of FD. Jason needs to give cooking lessons to other guys (new business for him?)!

Sandy Young said...

Oh I forgot that Jason also made a yummy coleslaw salad! I need his recipe! Can't believe I will be exchanging recipes with my son!