Monday, January 10, 2011

January 2011 Ten on Ten

I thought it would be a good day to meet Shauna and her girls at the Children's Museum at Factoria Mall. Who thought to check and see whether it was open on Mondays? Not either one of us, so after Saben, Annika and I found out it was closed, we waited for Shauna and her girls to show up, and they wanted to know....
"What are we going to do now?"
Ready, Set, Go......It's time to work off some energy.

"Why run when we can crawl?"
"What museum? This is fun."
"I'm pooped!"

 Grandpa and Saben flying around Vietnam where Mommy & Daddy are visiting.
Chocolate (Nutella) on her Ciabatta roll...Oh dear....what will mommy say?
 Life is a puzzle sometimes especially for princesses....
 Looks like the Ducks are headed for a "quack-up" in that yellow footwear!
 Fingerless Gloves. My latest EASY knitting project.


Shar said...

Cute gloves. So, do you use them when you need to type but your hands are cold...or knit...or ?

Looks like you're doing great with the kids. Love that Saben gets to "fly over Vietnam!" Amazing how different things are for this Digital Generation.

Sandy Young said...

I don't use them for anything! JoAnne S. emailed the pattern to me and I thought I would use some left over yarn to make a pair. These are for Kari. JoAnne said that your fingers won't get cold as long as your hand is warm. Hmmm. I'm not convinced! I'm making a black pair for Shauna's request.