Tuesday, April 21, 2009

SNAILS and your garden

So, look what I found on our sidewalk today! This is the first time I've seen a snail on our property, although my husband said he's seen a few. Slugs yes, snails no. I guess this is a reminder that it is time to get outdoors and clean up the garden, put down some slug and snail bait, plant some new flowers and think about some minor changes to the landscape. You may be one of those people like me who appreciates the look of the yard and yet doesn't have time to learn all about what plants are best in what exposure, so is intimidated about putting things in the ground. After the fact is usually when I find out it is not the best spot for that particular plant. I have a solution. Hire a professional! If you live in the greater King County area and would like to find someone to help, I have a solution for you. Consider hiring Samantha of Toad Hollow Designs. She will do a consultation (usually 2 hours) and will discuss your particular landscape needs and come up with some terrific ideas. I know Samantha and she is someone you can trust and who KNOWS HER PLANTS! Oh, and she doesn't charge an arm and a leg for her services! Here is her information:

What do you want to do?
· Renovate an existing landscape
· Create something from scratch
· Add easy care edibles
· Go Organic
· Attract beneficial wildlife
· Deter deer and slugs
· Identify the plants you have
· Incorporate more color
· Make use of materials on hand
· Learn pruning techniques

Other services:
· Speaking for groups
· Plant shopping
· Preparing home for sale
· Full-scale design

Toad Hollow Designs
Beautiful Landscape with Purpose
for People, Pets, and Wildlife
Samantha Zistatsis
Landscape Designer/Consultant

Now do yourself a favor and give her a call!!!

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